Getting to know | Das Magazin

das magazin 2kopie


How we met:

I had read about Das Magazin, a Dutch literary magazine, in various articles (ranging from mentions in De Volkskrant to mentions in blogs). The magazine seemed to embrace a cultural shift towards book clubs and against superficial 50 shades of grey prose. Hence, when I saw it lying in my local bookstore, I picked it up.

First impression:

I was immediately drawn to the dandy theme and the stunning graphic layout. The detail of the embossed cover and weighty pages make it feel like a treasure. Rather than shying away from lengthy texts without pictures, the mood of the magazine makes me crave a cup of tea and a corner in which to retreat and read.

Favourite character traits:

The supplement guide to the modern dandy with instructions to ‘always be overeducated’ and to shave the hipster moustache (“because, let’s be honest, everyone despises hipsters”) is quaint and gives body to the dandy theme. Another highlight, aside from the stunning graphic layout, is the collection of Very Short Stories (VSS). Barely a paragraph of fiction, the two VSS by A.L. Snijders briefly create a mode and a thought – a sound bite to remind me of the joy of fiction.

A long-lasting friendship?

Reading Das Magazin feels like holding a piece of culture. Somehow, a subscription would diminish this, for I think the magazine should be picked up when browsing in a bookstore. I’ll keep my eye out for the next issue, and if a quirky theme or interesting stories tempt me, I’ll go on another date. 


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