drink & debate | how do you choose your charity?

When writing about the social life of food here, I started thinking about how ‘getting drinks’ with friends is also an example of where social rituals and the consumption of nourishment meet. Going to a café provides the ideal setting to catch-up with each other, so perhaps taking the time to make and enjoy a drink for yourself allows you to catch-up with your own thoughts?

Drink & Debate is about taking the time to pour yourself a drink and talk about little questions that might go unanswered in life’s daily grind…

drink & debate charity

The drink…blackberry-meyer-lemon-gin-tonicBefore putting on your philosopher’s cap…pour yourself a blackberry and Meyer lemon gin tonic. In many countries October is breast cancer awareness month, so a pink drink is fitting! Find the recipe here.

The debate

It feels like the idea behind philanthropy has shifted from a “here’s the money” approach to a “what’s the impact”. The question that this automatically raises is – what is impact?

How is impact related to the cause at hand?
How can the impact of a charity be measured?
How is impact related to how a charity is organized?

There are probably hundreds of causes that would be delighted with your money or time. However, choosing a charity to fund or a place to volunteer is a very personal choice. Perhaps this makes our ideas about the impact of charity a very personal dilemma as well. New technologies may be able to give a more transparent view of how charities and non-profit organization spend the donated time and money. Would you be more likely to donate to a charity if – like a postal package – you could follow how your money was spent through an application on your phone? Many charities are criticised if too much money goes to the organizational costs. However, if a business spends money on marketing, this is considered the norm…

I leave you with a ted talk to spark the debate!

images author’s own and  from here


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