perfectly branded | Shiseido Eye Color Bar


Sometimes I bump into products that are so cleverly designed to support a brand concept, it seems marketing textbook-worthy. Hence, I can’t help but analyse it from a classical marketing perspective: using the 4 P’s.

Shiseido has already won prizes for the luxury feel of their packaging but for his holiday season they are also showing their playful side with the Shiseido Eye Color Bar.

Product |Eye Colour Bar

Shiseido’s first 9-color eye shadow pallet, this product signifies something new. The product is launched as a playful pallet with the names of the eye shadows referencing alcoholic drinks – perfect for making cocktails. The bottom right shadow is the only one with a  non-alcoholic name: soda. Then again, club soda is the perfect filler for any good cocktail. The playful names and on-trend colours fit with the innovative and lively nature of Shiseido’s head make-up artist Dick Page.

Place / timing |Holiday season

The holiday season is an excellent moment to launch a luxury make-up item that matches fall trends in fashion. The general increase in social events will be a reason for many consumers to ‘allow’ themselves to buy a luxury item. The names of the eye shadows playfully remind the consumer of this social calendar as well.

Price |€37,90

This price fits with the general pricing strategy of Shiseido and underlines that it is a luxury brand.

Promotion |Limited edition

Publicising the color bar as a limited edition may help it attain a cult-status.


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