The Postman will keep ringing twice | why postcards remain relevant

hello from someplace beautiful card

When looking at the possibilities of the internet, it may seem as if sending and receiving mail through the post is no longer relevant. Yet, when entering any museum shop, one usually finds a wall filled with postcards. So what is it about postcards that enables them to survive the demise of the postman?

A post card for yourself…

Moncole reports that for museums, postcards remain big business. Perhaps because they are an easy, cheap souvenir? Or do they also have symbolic value? Alain de Botton said that when looking at a painting, we realize that it is important to us – but it also represents something we can’t quite reach [on seeing and noticing]. A postcard can serve as a small daily reminder of this emotion. If museums were to track which cards were most popular would we see subsequent bestsellers? Or would our postcard choice ebb and flow with the social trends that society is subject to?

…or a post card for a friend?

Receiving a postcard represents an effort made by the sender. The effort of choosing a postcard, writing it and, perhaps the biggest challenge, actually sending it. Sending and receiving postcards has become a part of our culture and rituals throughout the year – Christmas, Valentine’s day and a note to home when you’re away during the summer.

Do you still send postcards regularly? Or do you buy them for yourself as little memories?

Check a selection of my favourite stationary here.

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