perfectly branded | hema

hema tompouce luchtbed

Sometimes I bump into products that are so cleverly designed to support a brand concept, it seems marketing textbook-worthy. Hence, I can’t help but analyse it from a classical marketing perspective: using the 4 P’s.

Product | inflatable tompouce

An inflatable matrass designed to look like a classic Hema ‘tompouce’ (a pastry). It fits with the brand because it is a cute reference to an icon and the humour behind it also reflects the Hema’s design personality.

Place | summer

Ok, so technically not a place but timing, this product is launched for the summer. Excellent timing, because it’s typically a summer product.

Price | 5 euros

The price is high enough to hint at some form of quality, but low enough to buy as a joke or gimmick.  Furthermore, the price is typically ‘Hema’ because it is a rounded price – not 4,99 but 5 euros. Simple, easy & honest.

Promotion | store window display

The inflatable matrass is a prominent feature of the store windows. Clever, because the product design and price remind people of the most important Hema brand qualities: good design for a good price. The window display marketing also works because the price and humour of the product lend itself to make an impulse purchase!


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