business as (un)usual | Unpackaged

London’s Unpackaged supermarket has it’s own BYOB policy – bring your own box.


The problem:

Nowadays, most supermarkets offer organic or local products for the environmentally-conscious shopper. However, what are the options for consumers looking to reduce their carbon-footprint by cutting back on packaging? Efforts to reduce packaging are often limited to the ability to bring your own shopping bag.

The business plan:

Unpackaged requires customers to bring their own packaging – bags, boxes, old water bottles. Price is often determined by the weight of the amount of product you purchase or by the amount.

The branding:

The visual identity of the business is sleek and minimalistic. The name ‘unpackaged’ also does a good job at summing up the idea behind the store. The store interior matches the logo and online visual identity – sleek and black with some rustic touches.



Why it works:

  • The minimalist branding aligns with the business concept and prevents the store from becoming frumpy or hippy-esque
  • The business concept places the emphasis on a new problem: the over-use of packaging
  • There is no discrimination about the packaging brought in by the consumers – old water bottles and high-end Tupperware are equally accepted
  • By allowing the re-use of packaging from other products (water-bottles, yoghurt tubs) the consumer can partly re-deem the excessive packaging policies of other companies

images from here and here


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