all quiet on the branding front |Selfridges ‘no noise’ campaign

heinz ketchup - brandless

From the 7th of January until the end of February, Selfridges is introducing something interesting – the ‘No Noise’ concept. This campaign includes a re-introduction of a quiet room for visitors to rest (apparently already once launched by  Harry Selfridge himself in 1909), a collaboration with meditation experts and – my favorite – a selection of de-branded products. A selection of name brand products are stripped of superfluous text and images so that they feature just enough to be able to recognize the product and brand. The philosophy behind this transformation? The idea that we (consumers) are overloaded with sensory information when we view a packet. However, can this also be a way to increase the luxury- and cult-factor of the featured products? Classic example – the simple channel no 5 bottle design was so different than other perfume bottles that raised quite a few eyebrows back in 1921. The ‘less is more’ approach can be a way to suggest that quality is preferred above quantity. But how much is too little? Although the Heinz products remain fairly recognizable, the Creme de la Mer looks like it is victem to censorship (with only it’s pink smudge).  Will the ‘de-branded’ products become collector’s items for the philosophical hipster or become unrecognizable when taken off the store’s shelf?

creme de la mer - brandless

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